Android Developers In India

Rich Android applications
Our team of Android developers have the experience to provide the most advanced technology to your firm. The professional team at “Emedia infosoft” Mobile Application Development will work with your company to ensure all requirements are met Our software developers design custom solutions that work with all versions of Android platform starting from Android 4.0 and up to the latest Android 12.0.

Connecting to the web
Our development of your application includes end-to-end solutions that leverage native Android application and web-based business logic. We also use web applications as a cross-platform alternative for every possible function and extend it with a native Android application.

Android Developers
You can choose our highly skilled “company” Android Developers from Junior to Expert level. You can also add varying levels of project management for any of your projects.
You will directly deal with the project manager who is responsible for your Android development project. The project manager will have a one-on-one meeting with you on a daily or weekly basis and update you on the progress of your Android development project.

Why Choose us page

Apart from that, looking for a software solution also implies finding a developing company, able to work within a limited time frame without quality drawbacks and at reasonable costs. Besides, some clients want to find an after-release technical or marketing support, which they consider of great importance.
We at “Emedia infosoft” concentrate on the final product as it is what our clients come for sticking to high quality standards from the very moment of project introducing through multiple testing stages till the afterward technical or promoting support is the top priority that enables us to retain long term clients and always release cutting-edge products that meet all the industry standards and clients’ requirements.

“Emedia infosoft” Partner Program empowers our partners to multiply their service offerings and earning potential. Our partner program is developed around the following global industry best practices:
• Clear and positive engagement
• Comprehensive support throughout the sales cycle
• Commensurate sharing

Value proposition
“Emedia infosoft” has a decade of experience and expertise in providing product development, QA / testing and KPO services. Our proprietary Extended Team Model enhances the value of these offerings in terms of:
• Higher return on investment
• Flexibility of the engagement model
• End-to-end delivery of technology solutions
• Strong domain expertise in e-business, mobile applications, healthcare, independent validation services, travel, voice-based technologies and content delivery platforms.

We are keen to partner with companies that have strong relationships and track record in their domain / technology / geography. We believe that we can enhance our partners’ ability to
• Take on larger projects
• Offer a larger variety of services
• Introduce innovative trends in services and products they deliver
• Build flexibility and scalability into their offerings
• Improve margins and price competitiveness by reducing the cost of execution

Android Developers In India

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