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Trust, loyalty and understanding are the main qualities which a reasonable individual would seek in partners.  These core values imply that the task or project will be realized in time and the final product will be quality-proven or the client’s most essential requirements won’t be understood in the weirdest way.
Apart from that, looking for a software solution also implies finding a developing company, able to work within a limited time frame without quality drawbacks and at reasonable costs.  Besides, some clients want to find an after-release technical or marketing support, which they consider of great importance.
We at iOS App Development Company concentrate on the final product as it is what our clients come for. Sticking to high quality standards from the very moment of project introducing through multiple testing stages till the afterward technical or promoting support is the top priority that enables us to retain long term clients and always release cutting-edge products that meet all the industry standards and clients’ requirements.

iOS App Development Company Partner Program empowers our partners to multiply their service offerings and earning potential. Our partner program is developed around the following global industry best practices

iOS App Development Company started rather a long time ago, when the first appearance of the fabulous product took place at the introduction keynote in January. Many mobile software companies went boldly into the unexplored field to provide iPad owners with apps at hand on the very launch day.

April 3-d, when iOS App Development Company /iPads commenced to be sold like hot-cakes proved a revolutionary Apple’s approach and its ability to shake foundations. A large number and great diversity of users ensure the necessity in multiple iPad applications to satisfy the needs of them all – working environments for businessmen, media-related apps for teenagers, games for children, tourist applications for passionate hikers and globetrotters, news apps for grandfathers, stitchcraft and gardening apps for grannies, and customized social networking solutions for all of the them.

The iPad may be a larger version of the iPhone in terms of the hardware and operating system, as some skeptics view it. Having a distinct background in iPhone application development we do not share that opinion. Treating it as the same device would be an unweighed approach. Increasing the display size of touch-screen hardware has transformed it into an entirely new class of devices, a link between the iPhone and the Mac.

The iOS App Development Company frame can satisfy all the needs of developers as well as those of users due to a set of outstanding features:

  • 1024×768 pixels of the display will enhance presentation abilities if compared to iPhone.
  • Multiple Orientation feature of the high resolution display.
  • Feature rich design that supports wireless, 3G, Bluetooth, and impactful multimedia.
  • A completely new form of the device which represents neither a smartphone, nor a PC.
  • Despite the fact that iPhone was the first to support a multi-touch option, only on the iPad there are enough space to work with two hands.
  • Applications which include a considerable amount of typing are more feasible due to a larger virtual keyboard.
  • Useful accessories like Keyboard Dock and Connection Kit.

The key factor of iPad success is a touch ability. It proves the reality of the object. The iPad satisfies a human need to touch and conveys an emotional appeal and it hits the target. You have bought your own Apple toy or at least are going to buy soon. You can download iPad apps from Apple Application Store or use some iPhone apps you already have. But if you have some brilliant idea of your own, you will need us to convert it into an impressive iPad application.

“iOS App Development Company” strong expertise in iPhone application development has given us an effective head into the new arena of iPad development. Both iPad and iPhone have very similar control features and share the same iPhone OS which means a dedicated a team of experienced iPhone developers who have a thorough understanding of the iPhone SDK 12.1, 13, like we are, will create a quality iPad app that meets all your requirements.


Our Vision

The iPad’s most natural talent, is, no doubts, gaming. If one is used to playing on a limited iPhone or some other smartphone display, he or she will marvel at new possibilities, provided by iPad game apps. The new Apple magic device is able to handle more significant games. The large screen and hardy processor offer a wild in-between space, much more immersive and “stunning” than a PSP, DS, or iPhone game.

The dynamic of an iPpad game has completely been changed. Giving more space at the display will make a viewer keep track of more objects, which makes shooters and arcade games even more appealing. It doesn’t matter whether you need to watch enemy planes or your own soldiers, a bigger screen will bring more fun though demand more attention thus upgrading the game difficulty level.

Apple has provided developers with a complete set of development tools for creating applications –iPhone SDK 12, 13.1. Our company has a pool of skilled developers with an immense expertise in using it. So, all the ground to beat 140 000 iPhone apps has been prepared and some of the iPad apps can be designed specifically at your request.

Some people, though, may think that developing iPad game applications from scratch is not the best idea. As the iPad has a much smaller installed base than the iPhone and the iPod touch, so it makes sense to keep on iPhone and create brand new games there and later adapt them in a way that makes the best use of the iPad’s ingenious features.

Though Apple ensured everybody that all the iPhone apps from the App Store are iPad ready, most of them may need further tweaking. Our proven development expertise in iPhone apps guarantees that your iPhone gaming apps will fit properly in the iPad environment to ensure quality performance and ultimate fun.

business application development

iPad is viewed by most users and developers like an ultimate couch-surfing device. The excitement of game developers may give ground to think that entertainment apps suit better for it, and all the gadget provides is a multitude of ways to kill the time. Describing the iPad as a niche e-reader and gaming device would mean limiting its unique and highly useful abilities to those of some portable game hardware.

We are sure that the functionality and performance efficiency of the iPad is severely underestimated. And the latest Apple’s toy can become a powerful and highly efficient tool to view, analyze and interact with critical business information on the go.

The iPad is definitely a much more business-focused and productivity-oriented device than the iPhone. It may be poised to change how mobile workers conduct business. It’s more mobile than a laptop and more powerful than a smartphone, which means that it will take the business world by storm. 10-hours long battery life, a small form-factor, and a light weight, all that contributes to making the iPad a powerful business tool up your case that demands no recharging during a working day.

The iPad allows to skip a stack of newspaper and magazines and avoid piles of reports and other indispensable docs in a businessman briefcase. Between specific apps, like those for USA Today and The New York Times, and the open Internet, the iPad is a great business reading device. Using some third-party apps, the iPad is also a great device for reading long business documents such as PDFs and DOC files, as well as to pull up Web-based display specific data such as Google Analytics in the Safari browser.

Anyone who is never seen without a notepad or clipboard will adopt the iPad. A larger screen allows a more efficient processing of huge data loads. Simultaneous tracking of several info flows makes it a far more convenient working tool for brokers and stock analysts. Business users now do not have to decide which scheme, graph or chart is more important to leave it on the screen.

Besides, the iPad can be of great use for real estate agents and other salesmen who operate at sales. Anybody who walks around at work will want an iPad to hold directly in their hands. A quick connection to the enterprise warehouses, as well as on-line invoice compiling facilitates and speeds up the whole sales process. Sales and marketing folks will also appreciate the ability to hook up the iPad to a projector and launch a full-scale presentation.

Apple’s iPad tablet has a strong future as a device for business users — so long as the right applications are developed for it. Our team is ready to deliver such apps to meet your ultimate requirements and specific demands.

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