J2ME Application Development

J2ME provides a flexible environment for perfect mobile applications for india. JAVA is a core programming language used as a server-side programming environment to make-up for Java 2 Enterprise Edition such as Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets and JavaServer Pages.
Nowadays, standard technology “J2ME” is used in Mobile applications as Java runtime environment. New programming interfaces defined by J2ME are operable on high end devices for their optimized environment.

“Emedia infosoft” is a J2ME apps developer for mobiles and has acquired international repute for its development and migration services through its vast talent tool, infrastructural capabilities and professional and organizational guidance. We have employed advanced hardware, leading edge software and experienced manpower to cater to the client needs all across the Globe.

Our skillfulness in J2ME extends to:

  • Indigenous J2ME Applications as CLDC/MIDP technology
  • Developing BlackBerry applications
  • Bluetooth mobile apps
  • J2ME app development based upon JSR 75
  • XMPP-based application development as chat-service
  • Facebook APIs used for development
  • J2ME application and game development for handsets

J2ME application developments’ components are:

  • Explanation of J2ME platform architecture along with role of configuration and profiles
  • Create Mobile Information device profile applications and enhance multimedia with MIDP-based apps
  • Build and apply event-driven user interfaces, involving both high-level and low level application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Use record management system to implement local data storage
  • Use network-based info to create mobile apps
J2ME DevelopersJ2ME Games Development
J2ME developers or application programmers utilize MIDP and APIs including Mobile media API, Wireless Messaging API, Security and Trust Services API, J2ME Web services API for J2ME for developmental processes. These technologies are used in J2ME Mobile Application Development including wireless and web applications, J2ME application porting and GPS based quality solutions.
J2ME developers are well-versed with different mobile devices and frameworks to come-up with device-independent solutions for a far greater reach. J2ME mobile applications are the leading and globally accepted platform for wireless phones from major manufacturers such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung Motorola and others. Our team of developers design and port the applications across different handsets with ease and expertise. Applications are developed in accordance with specified quality standards and ensured by a team of skilled and Quality J2ME Engineers who work in close proximity of application developers.
We have expertise in enlisted J2ME Application
Development Business Tools like Inventory management
Mobile Payment Solutions
Mobile based survey programming
Location specific services
Personal GPS safety programs
Various SMS apps Mobile web content development and delivery Mobile apps in sync with Bluetooth/WAP/GPRS connectivity Field Services, time and material management J2ME Developers always look forward to challenging apps for their developmental expertise.
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Interpreting Game Design apps
Game designing provides a comprehensive view of gaming concept, involving formulation, evolution, development and implementation of game content within the parameters of gaming zone. J2ME games development coordinates varying disciplines, like gaming mechanism, Visual effects, 3D simulations, audio-video narratives to get the stipulated results.
Gaming Apps Online portals help get game apps to the user to design and form their own game, utilizing iterative prototyping that facilitates getting new designing based upon previous design and future gaming apps. Game application is like blending a subject, story and theme of the narrative to available technical know-how for designing customized game experience. Gaming portals also offer downloadable J2ME game applications to play games, based upon different languages such as JAVA for computers and hand held devices. J2ME game development involves pre-existing engines
and tools like Game Maker to design current applications.
Gaming Apps through our team
J2ME game programming is done for both users and designers. We use different applications to use software based scripting languages including AI, Graphic User Interface, cutscenes to develop game design for professionals. Professionals also involve parallel developments happening in the world of computer technology and computer generated effects.

We design device-specific applications also such as for iPhone and other handheld devices.

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J2ME Application Development

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