mobile app development company in bhubaneswar

Emedia infosoft Website Development Services provide consistent and quality services in website development. We strive to ensure 100% reliability in all services provided. We remain faithful associate and take pride in the success of our clients.

Emedia infosoft Limited was started in 2010 as a technology, digital promotion, and business advisory company in bhubaneswar, India. Our success in technology services has prompted us to start a separate division for website development and hosting.

Our team consists of qualified designers and developers who work in tandem with domain experts to provide world class services. We have different packages in website development to suit the needs of our clients. We provide optimized and mobile enabled websites as per the client’s needs. Our web developers ensure top quality work products, and strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do. We provide our clients with website maintenance services at a discounted price. The Hosting Services team and domain registration services act as complementary services to help our clients avail of all the services under one roof.

Web technology has revolutionized the business world. Websites have emerged as a new tool for business promotion, and have turned out to be the secret behind the success of small, medium or even big companies. There are thousands of competing websites that provide similar services, and hence we need to find a method to stand out amongst the others. As a Web Development Company, we develop websites that generate profit for your business. Our domain experts study the specific requirements, and list out the components needed to make your website a big part of your business milestone. We assure to turn around your investment in web technology as a profitable event, and focus to make your website a profit center.

Website development

The accelerated momentum of the publishing activity resulted in the emergence of Content Management

E-commerce app

The accelerated momentum of the publishing activity resulted in the emergence of Content Management.

Mobile Website development

Mobile Web refers to access to the world wide web from a handheld mobile device 24/7 hours.

Responsive Website Development

The website must be capable in responding to every kind of device.

Website Maintenance

Every company is spending more of capital on designing websites separately for particular regions.


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via

Before planning the site development we perform a detailed analysis of the requirements and gather the required information. Our focus is to ensure that the website reflects vision and business objectives in a succinct manner. Our team goes through the following six stages while developing a site;

Information Gathering
Testing and Delivery
In the first stage, we collect information about the purpose, goal, and the target audience. Based on the information gathered, we help our client to decide the ideal technologies/platforms. Thereafter, we present our project plan along with ready templates or we create new designs as per need. The prototype of website is used during the development stage to provide an actual, functional site. We first develop the home page, followed by a “shell” for the interior pages. The interior pages contain the main navigational structure for a web site. After we look for the feedback from the client, and thereafter we update the content for the site. For eCommerce sites, we implement shopping carts, and other features. Then we look for additional changes or corrections at this stage.

We test complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers). We ensure that all codes are written for the web site is validated as per W3C standards. We deliver the site through the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Whenever needed, we provide domain name registration, and web hosting services as well. We continue working together, and provide one month of FREE maintenance within the initial specification. Thereafter, we offer maintenance packages at reduced rates as well.

Overall, our process makes the business flourish and reap the benefits of online presence.

mobile app development company in bhubaneswar

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