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Our Background Story

Schoolapp is a highly effective software tool for tracking student behaviour and their personal and social development. It it used by thousands of staff in hundreds of mainstream and special schools.

In 1-click Schoolapp provides leaders and teachers with high quality information that is used to:

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Communicate what’s going on, who is involved and how staff have responded
Identify individuals and groups that need support and help you plan intervention strategies
Monitor the impact of interventions and provision, evidencing progress and improvement
The most effective school leaders use Schoolapp to empower their staff with targeted information so that they always know what’s going on, are able to collaborate with colleagues and develop practice that makes a real and sustainable difference to the behaviour and personal development of every student.

To find out more about using Schoolapp, watch the video below and see the Schoolapp Overview. If you’d like to discuss Schoolapp in more detail, please do contact us, we’d love to speak with you and show you how it works.

Every new Schoolapp Project includes a dedicated programme of set-up, advisory and training to help you to launch Schoolapp efficiently and successfully.

We understand the difficulties many schools face when introducing new systems. Our experienced advisory team will provide an expert resource together with the guidance, training and support you need, in person, on the phone and through online conferencing and training tools.

We will work closely with your own Schoolapp Project team to configure Schoolapp so that it reflects your setting, behaviour policies and pastoral systems. We will also help you to develop and implement your own Monitoring & Evaluation Schedule so that all of your staff have 1-click access from day one to key information that they need for their role.

How long does it take?
With our practical and flexible approach it takes hours, not days or weeks, to launch Schoolapp. You are the critical resource in a Schoolapp Project so everything is organised around your capacity. If you are prepared, it can take just a few hours from a few key staff to be ready for launch. We have years of experience to share and guide you towards the best approach and will develop a plan that works for you.

What then?
Once you’ve launched Schoolapp we know that is the beginning rather than the end of your project. We will continue to support you to achieve your key outcomes and meet your school improvement objectives. Over time, your plans and systems may evolve, your practice and policies will develop and so too will Schoolapp. You are in complete control over how Schoolapp operates in your school and can change this whenever you need to; we are always on hand to support and advise you.

Our Advisory Team can deliver further Schoolapp training, INSET, workshops and behaviour management training, all informed by Schoolapp so sessions can be tailored to reflect and support your practice.

There are also plenty of opportunities to share expertise and good practice with hundreds of staff and leaders at other schools in the Schoolapp community through our regional networking events, forums and seminars.

We are very proud of the professional rapport that we have established with many of the exceptional school leaders that we work with. These collaborations have led to some outstanding examples of practice that our Advisory Team can share with you when you are planning your own Schoolapp Project.

Below are a selection of extracts from interviews with school leaders discussing their use of Schoolapp and its impact in their school. In each case, Schoolapp has been adapted to suit their own particular setting and to meet their own school improvement objectives.

We are regularly adding to this library of examples of good practice. Please contact us if you would like to be sent new interviews as they are published.

Case Studies

“Look at the difference we’ve made”

A headteacher in a Devon special school reflects on the impact of Schoolapp on pupil outcomes

“Look at our beautiful school”

How a focus on praise and recognition has had a profound effect on this secondary school

“Shining a light on the blind spots”

A Birmingham primary headteacher explains how the information in Schoolapp has led to some unexpected outcomes

“Whatever the inspector wanted, we had it in Schoolapp“

How an SEMH school in Kent are using the information in Schoolapp at every level across the school.

“We’ve reduced Physical intervention by 50%”

The rapid and powerful impact of positive recognition on pupil and staff well-being at a school on Merseyside

“The pupils absolutely love it!”

A Bristol primary school sees the transformative impact of using Schoolapp to recognise positive behaviours and skills

“The information we want, when we want it”

How a Surrey special school turned Requires Improvement to Outstanding for behaviour within months

Empowering middle leaders and tutors to make a difference

How a Walsall school have used Schoolapp to distribute effective leadership of behaviour

“Staff quickly realised how powerful Schoolapp is”
How Schoolapp created a very positive buzz in a Berkshire special school

“It’s so flexible, there’s so much potential”

How a Birmingham secondary school have successfully improved low-level behaviour and attendance

Supporting SEND pupils with effective strategies

A SENCo describes how using Schoolapp has led to more successful targeted interventions to support SEN pupils

A successful, sustainable recognition and reward system

How, by taking a positive approach, low-level negative behaviour can be reduced for the long-term

school mobile app

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